Entranced zenith We Love Roleplay the secret affair sylph Sweet Poison Senzafine Runaway Remarkable Oblivion Que Verguenza Luminary illusion Fantasy Gacha Carnival ellabella elf elephante poses Easter Bunny boudoir Blacklace black pearls Happy Easter! This morning I found a trail of chocolate eggs that led me to the cutest Easter basket filled with gourmet candy that just melted my heart! Who says the Easter Bunny only hops over to kids houses!!  So here I am in my Blacklace lingerie in a total chocolate coma listening to the sweet sounds of Birdy on my Rab8 headphones by Remarkable Oblivion. Oh… life is good…..

Oh lights go down
In the moment we’re lost and found
I just wanna be by your side
If these wings could fly
Oh damn these walls
In the moment we’re ten feet tall
And how you told me after it all
We’d remember tonight
For the rest of our lives

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The Salty Fae

The Salty Fae The Library The Fantasy Collective Sweet Posion Skinnery Senzafine puki pirate On a Lark MeshedUp Mays Soul Kalopsia Genre Del May captain hook Bite&Claw Arcadia 22769

Ahoy Matey! Tomorrow brings a swash-bucket of piratey bounty to the grid with the opening of The Fantasy Collective. If you couldn’t tell by my image or the first sentence, this rounds theme is none other than all things salty. From peg legs to eye patches, treasure chests to complete islands…. this round will have everything for the perfect pirate ensemble, male and female sea goers alike! I was hoping for a monkey, but alas me parrot will do! Ship docks tomorrow…. be there …. or you will be force to walk the plank!

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F is for Fawn

F is for Fawn Zyn yumyums spellbound Senzafine Pose Fair 2014 Mw ilweran Luminary la petite morte Genre forest elf fawn Fantasy Gacha emo tions elephante poses deer
While visiting The Looking Glass I thought it would be a good place to play with elephante poses’s new collaboration with YumYums that will be available at the Pose Fair 2014. I’ve been wanting a cute dandelion pose for some time now and now I have one with 8 totally cute poses! I spoke with MJ yesterday about the Pose Fair and her excitement was contagious. I cannot wait for the sim to open to see what is in store for everyone! If elephante’s poses are an indicator of the quality, we are going to be in for the best Pose Fair yet! Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be opening on May Fourth so I am going to begin sharing the splendid items that will packed into the gacha machines for your gacha pleasure. The theme is the letter “F” – which stands for fabulous, fantasy and freaking-awesome! The deer headpiece and deer amulet will both be available there. I am really liking the themed amulets by Zyn! Genre has already opened and this round’s theme is Big Band – oh heavenly days!! Senzafine has some ridiculously beautiful glassy nail polish there, you will need to get these… especially if you love red! *swoon*

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Circus Fox & Chick

Circus Fox & Chick yummy vivant Truth tableau Squeek! purplemoon Phoebe Mw ilweran Maxi Gossamer katat0nik Honey kitty Half deer Enchantment Collabor88 ceopio Bargain Gacha !gO!
Emy and I went to the carnival at Bargain Gacha to check out the various designers …. and yes, to hit those blasted Gacha machines! Emy couldn’t even be bothered to stifle her giggles as I continued to receive Panda Tutu after Panda Tutu (if you want one, IM me!) I was on a mission to get the fox and I was not about to settle for the sweet panda… and this is how my Gacha luck runs! I was horrible in Vegas, I couldn’t stop playing the slot machines because I knew the next pull would be a winner.  Thank goodness the odds are better than Vegas here in SL because I just can’t stop until I get what I want….. The tutus are adorable (yes, even the Panda) and well worth the trip to Bargain Gacha. There must be a hundred designers there….. so get your linden’s ready to rumble!!!

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Spring Sprite

Spring Sprite Zyn We Love Roleplay the secret affair Spirit animal random matter Mays Soul Maxi Gossamer It all starts with a smile illusions Glam Affair fox flowey Fantasy Gacha Carnival Fantasy Fairy fae Collabor88 Coco boho blowing hair argrace Aphorism
While fluttering around “It all starts with a smile” with my darling spirit animal, I fell in love with the fields of yellow flowers, they truly are beautiful. I was dismayed that I was unable to rezz on the sim…. but then remembered the pose/prop set I got by flowey that is available at Collabor88 this round. The set is wearable and the poses are just adorable. I love the way the outfit from APHORISM matches the tones of my skin and since it is one of the Rares it has those cool hanging thingies. The metal belt is my favorite part, totally love it! *swoon*  Then we played in the sun and drenched in the rays …. ah, life is good!

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