Spring Sprite

Spring Sprite Zyn We Love Roleplay the secret affair Spirit animal random matter Mays Soul Maxi Gossamer It all starts with a smile illusions Glam Affair fox flowey Fantasy Gacha Carnival Fantasy Fairy fae Collabor88 Coco boho blowing hair argrace Aphorism
While fluttering around “It all starts with a smile” with my darling spirit animal, I fell in love with the fields of yellow flowers, they truly are beautiful. I was dismayed that I was unable to rezz on the sim…. but then remembered the pose/prop set I got by flowey that is available at Collabor88 this round. The set is wearable and the poses are just adorable. I love the way the outfit from APHORISM matches the tones of my skin and since it is one of the Rares it has those cool hanging thingies. The metal belt is my favorite part, totally love it! *swoon*  Then we played in the sun and drenched in the rays …. ah, life is good!

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Star Throned Lovers

Star Throned Lovers [Tia] Westeros Truth the secret affair TableauVivant Stitched Star Wars Sax Shepherd roawenwood Rezz Friendly Primus Weapons O.M.E.N. Lehon Junbug game of thrones Exposeur Collabor88
Gopu and I landed in Lehon this afternoon and began to explore the corrupted island. The ruins are beautifully rendered outlining the battlefield with a lush green environment. Whatever happened here, happened a long time ago. We’ve seen many strange worlds in our time, but this world is stranger still. Something happened….or is happening. There is a space ship and a corralled Rancor penned behind a deep red force field and a droid that pesters visitors as they land. The world is a mixture of the future and the past. A great place for images and a well done Star Wars tribute. Plus, it is totally rezz friendly!
Be kind and clean up after yourself!!

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Dryad Warrior

Dryad Warrior We Love Roleplay the secret affair Primus Pixicat Phoebe Mw ilweran meadowWorks Mays Soul Luas Allegra game of thrones fuubutsu dou Fi*Friday Fantasy elven elf eden rising Del May Co op argrace aisling
I was thinking of Hans Christian Anderson’s short story, The Dryad, and started to create a scene where the Dryad is protected from the promised doom by a loyal Noldorin. While playing around with the scene I remembered a poem I had to learn and recite in 8th grade. The class was told to pick a poem and I chose “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats….. which I have just realized, I still know, word for word.  Funny how the brain works…. since I cannot even recall what I told Gopu yesterday at lunch time!

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Spring Queen

Spring Queen yumyums wanderstill the secret affair Spring Flowers Phoebe Noodles Mw ilweran Maxi Gossamer Le Poppycock Haruka Glam Affair Ginchi game of thrones Fi*Friday elven elf eden rising Del May Collabor88 Blacklace

Totally adore this birdhouse upon my noggin by Le Poppycock! The two little birds fluttering around this jewel of a head piece are just adorable. This is the rare offered in the gacha machine at the new Eden Rising Event, brought to us by Co-Op! The event is themed around spring and the items are springtacular! Read the rest of this entry »

Stuck On You

Stuck On You The mens dept Spring Remarkable Oblivion Mw ilweran Meiko magic isle lamb headphones deviousmind devious kitties Del May Dead Dollz

I must confess, when I wear this dress

I feel like dancing the whole night with you
And when I do, doo doo doo doo doo
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