Threads and Tuneage was established by Duchess Flux as a platform to represent a little part of the meta universe in 2009, after she discovered the seemingly limitless possibilities of the virtual world, Second Life. Second life has grown in leaps and bounds since Duchess Flux‘s rezz day, as has Threads and Tuneage, and her hopes is that this visual diary of sorts will amuse, entice and entertain all those that happen upon her pixels. In 2014, Kynne Llewellyn, joined this creative endeavor and often you will find her beautiful works within the pages.

Join them as they explore the enchanting, fairytale like dream quality and fantasy aspects of Second Life through their art. As you begin this visual voyage, they hope to introduce you to things they have found that are unique, or even mind blowing. Their visual stories are accompanied by credits to the creators of the items showcased in the images along with handy SLURS to the events or main stores where the items can be purchased. Often their images are conjured though stories and those words will frequently dot the page in an effort to lead the viewer into their works. Destinations are always listed, however most of the work you see are hand built, in-world “sets,” over at The Ippos Collective. Come for the magic…. stay for the friends and fun.

Imagination is the key, and the ability to be anything you dream to be … even just for a fleeting moment… is possible within Second Life. If you have not been to this incredible platform, their hope is that you will check it out with an open mind. Even if you decide not to visit Second Life, they hope your visit to Threads and Tuneage will sprinkle your day with a love and brightness that shines through to your real life.


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