Water Nymph

Water Nymph

  Hey guys. I did a new picture, Water Nymph. It has a really cool material enabled tattoo that is


Hey guys. I did a new picture, Water Nymph. It has a really cool material enabled tattoo that is like iridescent scales (From Eclipse SL) and this awesome fantasy outfit she is wearing is from Voluptas Virtualis( The Crystal Heart Festival.) The outfit comes with a customizable hud where you can turn certain things off or on. I have chosen to turn off the top studs and go with a softer look. I also chose the pearl fabric to sorta match my opalescent skin….. the image was originally going to be under water… but somehow that all changed… LOL

The cool effects tattoo was a bit tricky to figure out but once i got all the right components together it was a simple click. In an effort to make it easier for you, this is what I learned through NC and trial and error. The tattoo does not show up as iridescent on Maitreya, so I am wearing Belleza. Since the tattoo shares the same omega layer as omega skins, it wont work with that combination. I am wearing Glam Affair’s belleza applier here (after trying so many omega skins LOL) I originally had a Genus Head on, but the effects looked more wet than iridescent, the effect showed up great on Lelutka. And finally the most confusing thing for me, which doesn’t mean it will be confusing for anyone else, is that you can only see the tattoo with materials enabled. I must have applied the tattoo 600 times before i realized I needed to go to my ultra settings…… but helllllooo… once the settings changed it was like … BAM! It is a cool tattoo… go get it. Here is a list of the body parts and brands it will work on.

OUTFIT: Seductress {Bodice, Body Jewels, Tiara, Thighs and Wings by Voluptas Virtualis ~ Available at The Crystal Heart Festival {June 30th to July 31st}
HAIR: Zephyr by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Summerfest 2019 {June 21 to July 11}
HEAD: Aida by Lelutka ~ NEW ~ In MainStore
SKIN: Toshia Lelutka Applier {001} and Shape for Aida by Glam Affair ~ Available at Uber {June 25 to July 22}
TATTOO: Scales Materials Shine by This is Wrong ~ Available at Eclipse {June 13 to 30th}

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