War Kittens

War Kittens
Nimraë and I were chosen to protect the elders’ cave while a full on elven war commenced over the hill. No doubt our keen weapons ability landed us this role and we were just thankful for our pack of wolves that graced our feet. Our war kitten armor protected us as we discussed the fish dinner Nimraë was preparing and posed for a few shots of our We <3 Roleplay attire.
War Angel

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” ~ Shakespeare ~ 

We <3 Roleplay is in full swing! Be sure to go check out the awesomeness this event has brought to the grid!


OUTFIT: War Kitten by Pucca Firecaster Creations – PFC ~ Available at We < 3 Roleplay
FACIAL PIERCINGS: Estelle by ellabella ~ Available at We < 3 Roleplay
NECKLACE: Dragonius Necklace {gold} by On a Lark
HAIR: Shine by Magika – New
EYESHADOW: Bisquit {rose} by KOOQLA ~ Group Gift ~
RING: With Love Gift from Maxi Gossamer ~ Free ~
STAFF: Drow Moon Priestess Staff by Deviance
POSES: Phenomena & Celestial by Ma Vie

Nimraë Arendíl’s Style Card can be found on Dark Chest of Wonders

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