Ok this is my new favorite thing! This Oakley Angel set by Blueberry has to be the coolest thing since Victoria Secret found a bedazzle gun and a billion dollars in gems. Absolutely, hands down, some of the prettiest angel wings I’ve encountered. I love that the bottom feathers change color to match this adorable fantasy lingerie… bathing suit….. Strategic bit covering. Adore! Coupled with this swag style hair from RunAway, I am one angel that is hard to forget! * Adjusts my halo *

Duchess is feeling: virtuous

OUTFIT: Oakley Gacha Set: Gold Wings {RARE} White Panties {RARE} White Bra, Gold Bodychain and Gold Armchain by Blueberry ~ Available at The Epiphany {April 12 to May 12}
HAIR: Rasha Hair by Runaway ~ Available at Hairology {April 10 to April 31}
FEATHERS: Feather by Naminoke
HEELS: Panama by Essenz ~ Available at The Season Story {April 10 to April 31}
CROWN: Gloriana Crown Gold by ieQED
POSE: Divine by Le Poppycock ~ Available at The Chapter Four {April 4 to April 25}

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