Velvet Burlesque

Velvet Burlesque

So this weekend brings us The 24 event! Twenty Four of Second Life’s top Menswear Designers, Women’s Fashion Designers, Home Designers/Builders, and Pose Creators joined with 8 prominent Skin Artists, Accessory Designers and Hair Designers have created special Limited Edition works and have placed them on one of the respective FOUR sims! Oh heavenly linden…. what have you gone and done now! One week to peruse 120 marvelous designers and collect items that will be forever gone after the event! *horrors!*

Roawenwood’s items are some of my favorite at the event… truth be told… Searlait had me at “Burlesque” and cinched it with “Boudoir” …. (something tells me she already knew that! *grins*) Sweet velvety textures and passionate shades of purple come together to create one sexy bedroom ensemble. The bed has more animations than you can shake a stick at… pun intended *wicked grins* ….  and the animations are of the same high quality that we have come to expect from Roanenwood. Definitely a bed that will impress the men and make the girls swoon.   My favorite pieces are the corset lamp shades! The rich colors and the cross-stitching scream burlesque and made my little pixel heart pitter! Seriously, <3 them!

And just in time for 50 Shades of Sexy’s Blogger Challenge – Black Velvet!


  • LINGERIE: Blacklace ~ Primal: Cheetah Print Cincher Set w/ Lola Applier ~ NEW
  • BOOTS: Bax ~ Black Patent Ankle Boots
  • HAIR: Magika ~ Please w/ Kitty Wire Headband ~ NEW
  • NECKLACE: Mandala ~ Yakushi Black
  • BANGLES: Maxi Gossamer ~
  • EYESHADOW: a.e.meth ~ Cheetah Liner & Eyeshadow {Orange}
  • LIP COLOR: Pink Fuel ~ Metallic Lipsticks {Dk. Tones – Red} ~ NEW  (Originally from Taste the Rainbow Hunt)
  • POSE: Deeposed – Precious 1


  • OUTFIT: Avid ~ Dark Lazarus
  • HAIR: Exile ~ AJ {Sable}


  • Bed Set: Roawenwood ~ Lil Bit of Burlesque Regency Bed Set ~ NEW ~ Available at The 24
  • Screen Set: Roawenwood ~ Burlesque Boudoir – Dressing Screens & Morror ~ NEW ~ Available at The 24
  • Floor Lamp: Roawenwood ~ Lil Bit of Burlesque Boudoir Floor Lamps {Lilac/Violet} ~ NEW ~ Available at The 24
  • Vase: Roawenwood ~ Lil Bit of Burlesque Boudoir Table & Vase Set ~ NEW ~ Available at The 24
  • Plant: Roawenwood ~ Lil Bit of Burlesque Urn Planters ~ NEW ~ Available at The 24
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