ValkiriaValkiria is one swank little warrior and such a creative design by Luas! I absolutely love the way this looks on my avatar. I did move the collar up to cover part of my mouth since my avatar is in an awkward pose and the collar didn’t look right, but other than that there was no editing needed at all. This beautiful head piece by Keystone is a common! It is so beautiful that you will want to hit this gacha over and over! Wait until you see the rare! Perfection! Valkiria and the headpiece will be available at the Fantasty Gacha Carnival and this bad ass sword will be at Tales of Fantasy. Fantasy goodness abounds!

Wings of ValkirieIt is horrible now to look around
As a blood-red cloud darkens the sky.
The heavens are stained with the blood of men,
As the Valkyries sing their song.
We sang well victory songs
For the young king; hail to our singing!
Let him who listens to our Valkyrie song
Learn it well and tell it to others.
Let us ride our horses hard on bare backs,
With swords unsheathed away from here!
~ Darraðarljóð ~

OUTFIT: Valkiria Collars & Armours and Top & Skirts {silver/rares} by Luas ~ Available at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Opens August 8}
HAIR: Breeze {Seafoam} by Wasabi Pills ~ New Release
WINGS: Wings of Valkyrie by Sad Harlekin
HEADPIECE: Maise {silver/ruby/common} by Keystone {Available at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
TATTOO: Bewitched Face Tattoo by Demonic
TATTOO: Tribalien Tattoo by LNS Designs
SWORD: Susanoo Katana by ez weaponry and The Forge
SWORD: Siren’s Call by Othekeeper {Steel Lighter} ~ Available at Tales of Fantasy {Opens August 10}
POSE: Action Pose by Apple Spice

LOCATION: Circus of Sins {rezz friendly}

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