Upon a Wheel of Cloud

Upon a Wheel of Cloud
Like Rain it sounded till it curved
And then I new ’twas Wind —
It walked as wet as any Wave
But swept as dry as sand —
When it had pushed itself away
To some remotest Plain
A coming as of Hosts was heard
It filled the Wells, it pleased the Pools
It warbled in the Road —
It pulled the spigot from the Hills
And let the Floods abroad —
It loosened acres, lifted seas
The sites of Centres stirred
Then like Elijah rode away
Upon a Wheel of Cloud.
Emily Dickenson

Tomorrow be sure to check out this amazing outfit by FDD at Save the Date! I just love the vintage camisk that is part of this set; the design is reminiscent of the style genre that will be at The Secret Affair , probably one of the most anticipated events of the Summer. Also on Friday (or quite possibly Saturday,) HOD will put out their new Body Paint (Comes with Slink Physique Appliers) as a Group Gift before it goes on sale the following day. It is very cool, you will need this! You can wear it with or without the Sanvean piercings too. It is just brilliant!!

HAIR: Hikri {sandy blond}by Argrace ~ New ~
OUTFIT: Elsie (NippleBra/Shield/ChestBelt/Camisk) {Antique/Ultra Rare} by FDD Creations ~ Available at Save the Date {Opens July 10}
TATTOO: Sanvean Black & White Body PaintVariant {full body} (Comes with Slink Physique Appliers) by Haus of Darcy ~ Available on Friday as a Group Gift and will go on sale the next day
HEADDRESS: Keeper of Secrets {gold} by Sad Harlekin ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
EARS: Fairy Ears by Illusions {temp. closed}
EYES: Deep Sky Mesh Eye by Mayfly ~ Free ~
EYELINER: Roxanne Eyeliner by Pink Acid
ARM BAND: Byzantine Cuff {gold multi} by Luminary
HAND JEWELRY: Darshana Hand & Bracelet by aisling ~ Available at We Love Roleplay

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