Under the Big Hat
flamboyant, Bella strides,
stumps, marches, a lightening rod,
raucous, rallying the troops,

fierce, intense, prodding hard,
under the big hat, an inner spirit reigns,
exhilarated by music, by songs,

stroked by Nature’s magnificence,
by mountain, sea and plains,
embracing family, friends,

pleads for peace, fights resists war,
under the big hat, a legend,
an icon, whom we applaud,

a serious woman on a serious voyage,
defining truth and power,
our Mother Courage.
~Claire Reed~

 Remarkable Oblivion released this pretty swank necklace at Kustom9 this week and I am digging on the creepiness vibe. I absolutely love artfully arranged clunky tangles of necklaces and this giant gem is my new crush. Speaking of new crushes, I am head over heels with this new tattoo that will be available at Shiny Shabby by White Widow. The bees are brilliant! In real life I am deathly, and I mean deathly, allergic to bees so they are very much respected in our household. I wear a Minoan bee pendant around my neck, not because of my allergies, but because of ancient lore around this creator of nectar for the gods. Love the Ink. Tableau’s Big Hat Hair that was released at the Hair Fair adorns my wee head. We don’t wear enough hats and one can never have too many….. it is time to take back the hat!

Duchess is feeling: spunky

HAT & HAIR: Scarlett Hair {Basics} by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at the Hair Fair 2015 on the Platinum sim
NECKLACE: Lilliam Batwing necklace {gold} by Remarkable Oblivion ~ Available at Kustom9 {July 15 to Aug 10}
TATTOO: Tesis by [White~Widow] ~ Available at upcoming Shiny Shabby {July 20}
EARRINGS: Drusilla Earrings {Black} by random Matter
POSE: Venice {10} by PosESioN