Twilight Beauty
I am wearing the Twilight Beauty headdress by Astralia in beautiful shades of blue. I love the way the headdress seductively covers part of the face exposing only one eye. The bright red lips are a free gift from the Skinnery and they look just fantastic with the new Skinnery skin line. Uma has been quite the busy bee and has brought new body skins to us, the skins are completely new body textures, not an update. She concentrated on more details, natural and soft shading, and light this time. The skin appliers will be compatible with all future skins/appliers releases from now on including Daria, which is also available at The Chapter Four. The body textures also come with a Universal HUD for mesh bodies, breasts, pregnancy mesh belly, hands/feet, bums, all you need are the Omega relays for each piece. [White~Widow] will also have a free gift out at We Love Roleplay! You can see part of the tattoo here on my fingers. As with all things [White~Widow] the tattoo is just gorgeous, and free means… you gotta get it! I bought all the Body Language Poses at Uber and am just thrilled with all three sets. The poses were designed for close ups and hand shots and the attention to movement and fluidity is paramount. Love em!

Duchess is feeling: loved

HEADDRESS: Twilight Beauty Headpiece by Astralia ~ Available at upcoming We Love Roleplay {May 4 to May 30}
HAIR: Irma by MINA ~ Available at Gacha Garden {May 1 to May 29}
SKIN: Daria {CATWA Applier} by the Skinnery ~ Available at The Chapter Four {May 4 to May 25}
LIPS: Passion Lipstick {CATWA Applier} by the Skinnery ~ FREE ~ Available at The Chapter Four {May 4 to May 25}
BODY APPLIER: Universal Mesh Body Applier by the Skinnery ~ NEW ~
TATTOO: Elektra {Black} by [White~Widow] ~ FREE Gift ~ Available at upcoming We Love Roleplay {May 4 to May 30}
TOP: Anya by Bite & Claw ~ Available at upcoming The Fantasy Gacha Carnival {May 6 to June 6}
POSE: SLC SS POSE Close UP!! Hand and Face2 {Group A/4} by Body Language ~ Available at Uber {April 25 to May 14}~