Tree Hugging for Peace On Earth (POE Hunt)

Icie and I hit the grid yesterday following the Peace on Earth trail. Today we ventured into a number of great stores and found even more shops that were previously unknown to us; that are now safely tucked in our favorite’s folder! I think we have finally hit the half way mark and are getting geared up for the Down the Chimney Hunt!

I created another outfit composed of my latest treasures. I love the mixture of textures and patterns in this ensemble. Each of the items are well crafted and when paired created the perfect shopping outfit.  I am also wearing a Particle Effect by Fire GOOD!!! which emits snowflakes upon landing…. so cute! I may have to snap an image of that today!

I made this image using the free CC Photographer’s Studio Kit I picked up while hunting Couture Chapeau, a fabulous hat store! The folder includes a number of items including helpful photography tips!


For more information about the Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt click here or use this url to get to the official POE Hunt blog site

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