Trapping Sidera
Sidera reached the far side of the lagoon shortly after high tide. An ominous structure laid atop the entrance to her cove. Cautiously, she approached the den hissing and snarling to ensure anyone watching knew she was not fearful. She ran her fingers across the wooden structure and upon spotting a delicious conch she reached inside. The contraption jolted and a sharp pain coincided with a blow to her delicate neck, her world went black…….

We Love Roleplay has opened and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new Fallen God’s skin in all its speckled glory. The beautiful hues reminded me of the ocean and as I looked around through the various items Trapping Sidera came to life. This amazing trap is by none other than Pucca Firecaster, who continues to bring unique contraptions and impeccable craftsmanship to the grid. Astralia’s Call of the Sea headdress, coupled with Aisling’s Jaina body chains round out my little sea creature’s look. I am actually wearing two hairs, one by Damselfly for the long wavy overall look and underneath I am wearing the new moveable mesh hair by Lelutka to get the floating hair effect.

Splash into We Love Roleplay and check out all the great RP items that just hit the grid.
Duchess is feeling: Fluid

SKIN: Sidera by Fallen Gods ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30}
HEAD: Alice by CATWA
EARS: Uni Ears {blix} by Soul
HAIR: Saylor by Damselfly ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30}
(Also wearing Lelutkas Clarice Hair for the neck effect)
HEADDRESS: The Call of the Sea Headdress by Astralia ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30
BODY CHAINS: Jaina {Style 3} by aisling ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30}
TAIL: Mermaid Tail by JOMO
POSE: Mermaid by Poet’s Heart

E.V.E {M/C} Dancing Bubbles {Blue}
PFC~Trunks Cage by PuccaFirecaster ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30}
Botanical – Thick Kelp – Yellow