Too Sir With Love

Too Sir With Love
Chandra has released her Shibari Rope Harness in like a kazillion colors along with latex versions at deviousMind! The harnesses are located in the new Fetish room… I swear that woman never sleeps! Originally we purchased the ropes in black at Genre’s “BDSM” Round in November and were delighted at how mesh is the perfect medium for harnesses! I never got around to taking images in November…. let’s just say we were preoccupied and leave it at that…. When I started setting up the image I wanted to take this afternoon, I realized black was much too harsh so it gave me the perfect reason to acquire another color. *wicked grins* If you happened to pick up one of the versions at Genre, the sets have been updated with more rope attachments and another size so be sure to update your set for extra devious wholesomeness! The nipple piercings by Pomposity are from this round of Hello Titty Slots and I chose to wear my sign, Taurus…. guess I am too loyal… (or is it stubborn?) to do differently *grins*

Have a wonderful Saturday!
Stay devious and delicious!



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