The Time Lord’s Elf
This dress, created by the lovely and talented Searlait of Roawenwood, is absolutely stunning. It moves and sways and catches the light in such a realistic and soft fashion. I am not very fond of green clothing and I am not even sure if I own anything in green, but this dress changed my mind, green was never the issue! This deep velvety emerald and silky greens beautifully combined with the super crisp needlepoint waist and arm accents. While Sear and I were chatting she mentioned that she thought of the dress in a winter environment, so Gopu and I changed our forest settings to winter and began to play in the snow. The resulting images reminded me of the romance novel covers that harken back to the days of Fabio. I couldn’t help myself. *wicked grins* I’ll post the original image later today! Galu!




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