The struggle is real. No matter how many Pat Parelli videos you’ve watch on loading a horse into a trailer …. if your mount hasn’t watched them as well, you will be late. My normally well behaved Bento Water Horse, Jinxie, was having nothing of it this morning. After feeding her an entire field of carrots in an attempt to get her to load we called it a day. It is amazing how long a horse can stretch. She is a yoga master!

Pat often quotes his mentor, Troy Henry, on these issues… “when you truly savvy trailer loading, you’ll truly savvy the horse, mentally, emotionally and physically”.

Giant thank you to Icie Thursday for helping me pull this off. <3

TOP: Lace Up Tank Top {flower2} by Zenith ~ Available at Collabor88 {July 8 to August 6th}
SHORTS: Summer Short Jeans with Belt by Zenith ~ Available at Collabor88 {July 8 to August 6th}
HAIR/HAT: No Easy by No Match ~ Available at the Hair Fair 2017 {July 1st to July 16th}
BOOTS: Looks – Cowgirl Boots by DRD
SKIN: Noor {honey} by the Skinnery ~ Available at Collabor88 {July 8 to August 6th}
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA
POSE: Car Troubles by Le Poppycock ~ Available at Collabor88 {July 8 to August 6th}

Mane and Tail with Flowers: Summer Flower Set by Jinx (Originally from Lost and Found Event so check there first)
Bento Water Horse
Appaloosa Markings by The Texture Barn
HALTER: Show Halter {black} by FHHS
POSE: Equine Animotions Pack {Reining Slide Stop} by The Texture Barn

Dirt Road Nature by Moon Sha ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {July 5 to July 30}
Soy. My Trailer Life – old travel trailer

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