These Are a Few of My Favorite Things….

I’ve noticed bloggers accepting Samara Barzane’s “3 Little Things” challenge, and as I’m always up for a good challenge, I decided to get my feet wet and participate in my first. We’re supposed to choose 3 things in our inventory that we couldn’t part with. Yeah…. I know… I’m fashionably late to the party! Ha!

When the Dog Bites…… Get Up High on Your Horse Cowgirl!

I couldn’t live on SL without RockStar, my beautiful Appaloosa mare from AKK Horse Ranch. She is not only beautiful but her legs actually move as I race the SIMS, soar over objects and round the barrels. The lovely mare was given to me by my handsome Wundur and I thanked him daily for a month for it…. and even to this day. … Wundur if you are reading…. Thanks again! I love my horse!

When the Bee Stings….. Add Salt Water…..

I love my “Dance with the Waves” mermaid AO by KAMI-HITOE. I could sit and stare at my mermaid elegantly swim, dance and spin for hours. The movements are smooth and graceful and unlike any mermaid AO I have found. Coupled with the Swimaid! AO, I can skim the surface and jump out of the water as delicate as a streamlined dolphin!

When I’m Feeling Blue……….

I love this lingerie set from Seldom Blue…. In fact I have a set in black and in red as well. The Soft Blue is so beautiful and matches my eyes so perfectly….. Yummm….. Scrumptious!

  • LINGERE: Seldom Blue – Kira Lingerie Corset Set (Soft Blue)
  • HAIR: Nikita Fride – Madonna w/Flower (Blond)
  • SKIN: Nikita Fride – SkinStar 2 – Natural (Less Oil)
  • BRACELET/EARRINGS: Yak & Yeti – Tibetan Jewelry – Buddhist Collection (FREE)
  • POSE: Courtesy of Marcus Coen@ MC
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