The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper………

There was fairydust in her blood and intoxication on those lips. The true allure of her taste was how she me away from it all……
This year’s Skin Fair boasts 2 sims of shopping for all things related to skins, cosmetics, and mesh add-ons. This is a don’t-miss event with every creator showcasing 3 new, exclusive items! The Skin Fair opens on March 9th.

SKIN: Katarina {Pale} by Go&See ~ Available at upcoming Skin Fair a Pale Girl Production {Opens March 9}
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA
HAIR: April by Wasabi ~ Available at The Chapter Four {March 4 to March 28}
EYELASHES: Lily Catwa Eyelashes by Stardust ~ Available at Blush {Feb 28 to March 18}
BINDI: Diamond Heart Bindi by Kokoro Peachu ~ Available at Blush {Feb 28 to March 18}
TOP: Fay Top by Sakura ~ Available at Blush {Feb 28 to March 18}
WINGS: Spring Wings {honeydew} by Le Poppycock
POSE: The Layna Series by anlar

Dreaming Thicket – Mushroom Village Gacha – Big Toadstool RARE ~ Available at The Imaginarium {March 1 to March 30}
{YD} Mushroom Doll House ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {March 4 to March 28}

Katarina by Go & See Comes in three tones: Pale, Goth, and Tan

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