The Song of Hermione
This round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival’s theme is “Winter Wonderland” and designer Augurer of Luminary (formerly The Library) created two beautiful pieces inspired by the Tudor era in the image above. The necklace is modeled after the famous monogram pearl necklace of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII  and perhaps one of the most controversial woman in English history. *Simply Scandalous* Anne was called everything from a witch to an adulterer and is credited with serpentine sexual wiles, as well as a vindictive streak that ruined anyone who crossed her. Oh those were the days! Anne was beheaded after a very controversial trial where she was blamed for being sexually inappropriate with 7 of King Henry’s friends (Including her brother!) and devising a plan to kill the king… Sometimes truth is just better than cinema! I chose to wear the flowing gown and short cape by Irina of Poet’s Heart in a deep black to represent Anne’s final demise. I suspect Anne was innocent. The bravery in which she faced death is nothing short of remarkable. It is said that she wrapped her hands around her neck and stated “I have only a little neck,” and then laughed when hearing of her sentence. Wild.

If you are a blogger and would like early access to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival,  send a Note Card titled *Early Entry FGC* to Niccii Nitely in world.



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