Sunday Stroll @ A Clockwork Spiral

Sunday Stroll @ A Clockwork Spiral
Today I walked around the build for A Clockwork Spiral at Cursed and took it all in as I explored the stores and the incredible set up. The build is simply stunning; from the light houses, the bridges, the buildings, the beautiful cobblestone that seems to never blur, the airship to the fantastic designers selling their items to benefit the National Kidney Foundation… all of it is just… well exceptional. And as good things must come to an end…. tomorrow at noon it will be gone. Just like that. Poof! Sunday Stroll on Cursed

Of course there is still almost a good 24 hours to get your steam on so be sure to check out the event before it closes. Caramel Diffusion has this vintage corset set for sale in her booth and it amazingly fit well the jeans by Greymoon…. I don’t wear jeans often in SL but I am loving the sporadically placed gears on these! Another item I hardly ever acquire are purses, but this metal Diesel purse is just too cool. Plus, I am sure it could come in handy if you find yourself in a dark alley and in need of a weapon…. maybe I should submit a request for a good wallop animation…… Just keeping it steamy…..



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