Summer Valentine

Summer Valentine

The Secret Affair is in full swing and the sim is packed with happy campers! The aisling booth has a large crowd gathered hitting the gacha machine with these amazing jewelery pieces and drooling over these stunning gowns. OMG these gowns are outrageously beautiful! The whole event is an unbelievable testament to the talent of the participating designers. It is a virtual Who’s Who and I am smitten! There is not one item I could live without! Manna’s vision is certainly my heaven on Earth! This sweet hair is from Tableau Vivant and is available at the Hair Fair. I simply adore the chain that wraps around the hair and neck. I have no problems admitting my TV addiction and this hair was just the fix I needed. Brilliant! Speaking of brilliance and talent, Roxi has been an anchor these last weeks working up to the Secret Affair …. she is just amazing. Be sure to check out her blog, On the Rox, it is one of my favorites, her photos are just beautiful!



GOWN: Valentine {Roses}by aisling ~ Exclusive for The Secret Affair
HEADDRESS: Tallulah Headdress {rare} by aisling ~ Available at The Secret Affair
NECKLACE: Tallulah Necklace {rare} by aisling ~ Available at The Secret Affair
HAIR: Lusch Hair {Summer} by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at the Hair Fair 2014
POSE: Del May


GOWN: Valentine {lace} by aisling ~ Exclusive for The Secret Affair
HAIR: Baptism by little bones ~ Exclusive for The Secret Affair
POSE: Del May

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