“Sometimes you wake because of a dream. Sometimes you wake up in a dream. And sometimes, every once in a while, you wake up in someone else’s dream,” I said to no one in particular.
With that, Chandra crouched on a nearby log and shifted her glance at me…. contemplating why anyone would willingly immerse themselves in the thick red waters of Ippos ….
Kynne cleared her throat…. “Do succubi dream?”
“Only when we are hungry,” I laughed, and with that I sucked the chi from the Tao Twins.

This haunted piano that is available at the World Goth Fair is pretty freaking cool. The piano comes equipped with a slew of dead poses that plop your carcass under the piano, under the piano stool or slumped over the ivory keys. I am a huge fan of Lost Girl and I would suspect this piano would fit perfectly in Bo and Kensy pad… or even at the Dal. For all things dark, you have one more week to check out the World Goth Fair and make donations to Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


GOWN: 1985 by Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz ~ Available during Penumbra S/S Fashion Week
HAIR: Pria by EMO-tions (B&W Pack) ~ Available at the Deck Event
NECKLACE & PAULDRON: Elvira {black} by Luas ~ Available at the Countdown Room
FACIAL PIERCINGS: Close Enough by Haus of Darcy ~ NEW ~
NAILS: Basics Nailpolish Pack {Dark&Monochrom} by Adore & Abhor
BRACELET: Marauder’s Arm Wrap #13 ~ Rare ~ by Frogstar ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
CROWN: Fenix Crown Black by Aurica Store ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
RING: Lucretia Signet Gacha Ring {Abyssal} by Chaos Panic & Disorder ~ Available at World Goth Fair
RING: Aegis Rings by ISD ~ Available at World Goth Fair
PIANO: Haunted Piano by Angelic Designs ~ Available at World Goth Fair
POSE: Lifeguard by Del May

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