Star Throned Lovers

Star Throned Lovers
Gopu and I landed in Lehon this afternoon and began to explore the corrupted island. The ruins are beautifully rendered outlining the battlefield with a lush green environment. Whatever happened here, happened a long time ago. We’ve seen many strange worlds in our time, but this world is stranger still. Something happened….or is happening. There is a space ship and a corralled Rancor penned behind a deep red force field and a droid that pesters visitors as they land. The world is a mixture of the future and the past. A great place for images and a well done Star Wars tribute. Plus, it is totally rezz friendly!
Be kind and clean up after yourself!!

GOWN: Lady of Westeros {Innocent Noble} ~ Ultra Rare ~ by Junbug ~Available at The Secret Affair
HAIR: April {Variety} by Truth ~ Available at Collabor88
NECKLACE: Portia Renaissance Jewelery {Bronze} by Sax Shepherd Design
CROWN: Game of Thorns Crown by Primus ~ Available at The Secret Affair

OUTFIT: Bran {red} by Stitched
CROWN: Heavy is the Head by O.M.E.N.~Available at The Secret Affair
HAIR: Snowdrop Hairpiece {fall} by Tableau Vivant

THRONE: Throne of Swords by [Tia] ~Available at The Secret Affair
ARBOR: Crimson Rose Garden Arbor by Roawenwood ~ Free Gift ~
POSE: Fade Into You by exposeur

LOCATION: Lehon – Corrupted Island (Rezz Friendly)

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