Sorchiee meets the Monster
Image by Kynne Llewellyn
Part of the Ongoing Defender of Pegasoi series
The Story continues ….. here

And found much later in Sorchiee’s logs :

Kynne had followed the other’s lead and brought up the rear of the party. She had her back against Duchess as Duchess swung her mighty ax. Kynne looked about, her hair flying in her face wildly as she struck out with her Staff. Kynne watched as Sorchiee struggled through the wild sea and tried to call out to her, but it was to no avail. The waves drowned out her cries and Sorchiee was left alone. Kynne made a quick second desicion and ran towards Sorchiee, but just as she took her first step the Shadow Creature’s smoke-like tentacles struck out and snatched her, flinging her into the open air and crashing down into the Sea. Kynne’s head struck a jagged rock and she felt herself falling into the black…


HAIR: Urie by ARGRACE in Midnight

ARMOR: Khatel by Aisling ~ Available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival {May 12 to June 5}

OUTFIT: Captivate by Storybook ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {May 21 to June 10}

EYESHADOW: Armel by Zibs107ka in Royal Blue ~ Available at The Secret Affair {May 15 to May 30}+

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