Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny

I’ve been freezing for days and can’t believe we have already had snow this year. Where I live we don’t

I’ve been freezing for days and can’t believe we have already had snow this year. Where I live we don’t usually get snow until January or February and fall is usually pleasant and comfortable. Not this year. But, I guess there is nothing very typical about this year to begin with…

Anyhoo, Blueberry. My most favorite part of this outfit is the cotton tail and I jut had to show it. This little puff ball is so adorable and placed perfectly on the panties with the upper straps leading to it. Now if I could only make it wiggle, my life would be complete. 😛 One of the best things about Blueberry outfits is the ability to change the textures and/or color all the many pieces to match or make a totally unique look. Catch Me is a collaboration with REIGN so it has the additional bonus of colors to choose from the REIGN palette as well, and some pretty snazzy boots! The boots can be worn as a thigh highs, as I have on, or over the knee. The number of available options can produce a number of unique looks and if you think this set is cute, swing by Blueberry’s flickr pool to see the many different outfits put together by some very talented SL artists.

I am still playing catch up from my disastrous computer issues last month, so this awesome blowing hair by Wasabi can now be found in their MainStore. I’m always looking for hair that portrays movement and this one definitely fits that bill! The ice mirrors in the background are striking. They look amazing in the background of images or used as decor pieces. The textures are beautiful and these will look awesome in outdoor snow scenes on your land. They are at Enchantment’s Snow Queen round, if you have not been swing by and check them out.

OUTFIT: Catch Me – Budgetberry – Berry Set {Bra & Panties, Gloves, Tails & Ears and Boots {collab with Reign} by Blueberry ~ NEW ~ Available at the MainStore
HAIR: Elenoire {B&W} by Wasabi
HEAD: Baby Face by Genus
SKIN: Amelie Genus Applier {002} by Glam Affair ~ Available at Kustom9 {Oct 15 to Nov 9}
LIP COLOR: Marinahh Lipstick by La Perla
EYE MAKEUP: Hell Yeah Genus Applier by Shiny Stuffs
LASHES: Genus Lashes by Shiny Stuffs
TATTOOS: Hanako, Hana and Haneen by Stardust

[SPARROW] mirror Troll #ICE (w. fairy tale) ~ Available at Enchantment {Nov. 9 to Dec. 2}
Winter Dreams Globe – Happy Holidays – From O.M.E.N
JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny

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