Rose Manor

Rose Manor
This regal gown by Senzafine is currently available at We <3 Roleplay for a pretty sweet price. The gown consists of two separate mesh pieces, a dress and the outer cloak. Since the two are individual pieces they wear a lot nicer than solid meshes and really look awesome stacked. The colors are just beautiful and I had trouble picking which one to wear…. Since I was heading to an intimate party at Rose Manor, I chose the onyx with it’s glistening gold under-dress. Puuurrr-fect. The rose comes with the free pose by Ploom and the sword is from a F*cking Ninja’s pose set.

The Rose

Stay warm my friends…. stay warm!


GOWN: Solveig Gown {Onyx) by Senzafine ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
NECKLACE: Decor Amor Necklace {Silver} by Enfant Terrible ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
CROWN: Lich Crown by Remarkable Oblivion ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
CIRCLET: Trinity’s Wish Rock Crystal {Ultra Rare} ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
EARS: Elongated Puki Ears by the Skinnery ~ Available at We HAIR: Campbell hair {equinox} – Implants by Tableau Vivant
POSE: Clear by Ploom {Free}

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