The DRD Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box that combines the mystery of getting something new and unknown once a month, with a bonus reward for purchasing a full series. Every Shadow Box contains twelve items created by Death Row Designs. Every series is 6 months, or 6 Shadow Boxes. At the end of a series the bonus reward becomes available to anyone who has received or purchased every box in the series.

The Shadow Box contains twelve products, six light or “normal” products and the other six are their dark or “abnormal” counterparts, or shadows. These items are not simple recolors. Every shadow has something unique about it ensuring you are receiving 12 unique items every month. Although every box stands on its own and can be used with or without the other months, a full series of six will reward you with not one, but two buildings at the end of the series. A light building and its dark counterpart, made specifically for that series, can be redeemed at no extra charge.

To find out how to subscribe check out Death Row Designs Website

DRESS: Romance by Canimal ~ Available at The Liaison Collaborative {Sept 7 to Sept 30}
HAIR: Margarita by Truth
SKIN: Immortal by YS & YS
SHOES: Bea by Mosquitos Way ~ Available at The Liaison Collaborative {Sept 7 to Sept 30}
CANDLE: Candle Holder by Zenith
EARRINGS: Levity by Empyrean Forge

DRD ~ Shadow Box Series 01 in the Dark version {Armchair, Clock Shelf, Coffee Table, Doll Cabinet, Floor Lamp, Piano Chair, Upright Piano and Velvet Couch} by Death Row Designs
DRD Mystery mansion

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