Remember the Misty books? I do. I would stay up all night and binge read each new volume… much like I seem to do with Netflix. I’d dream of finding a wild pony and taming her and riding along the shores of an abandoned island. Misty was the little pony of Chincoteague and Sea Star was the little orphan foal on the island. I happened to win the Mystery Rare in The Painted Pony’s gacha machine at the Bento Water Horse fair and ended up with my childhood dream horse. How freaking cool is that?!

Have you been to Chincoteague Island
Where the wild ponies roam,
Where fingers of land intermingle
With marsh and bay and cove?

Along the Eastern Shore
Fisherman cast out their lines;
They’re catching fluke and channel bass,
The tide is rising high.

Above the seagulls wheel,
The oysters lie in bed.
Off the coast the dolphin dive;
The tide is at its ebb.

Peaceful Chincoteague Island,
You sleepy Tidewater town,
Your tides and mine are one ;
How can I leave you now?
Christina Zaremba

DRESS: Pixi {dark blue} by Una {July 20 to Aug 15}
HAIR: G0718 by tram
HAIR ACCESSORY: Bagatiba crown {blue/rare} by LODE ~ Available at The Chapter Four {August 4 to August 28}
GLOVES: Leather Bow Gloves by Zenith ~ Available at FaMESHed {Aug 1 to Sept 27}
BINOCULARS & BOOKS: Bird Watching {Seed of Inspiration} by Artisan Fantasy ~ Available at Gacha Garden {Aug 1 to Aug 31}

Bento Water Horse
Island Pony Mystery Rare “Sea Star” by The Painted Pony ~ Available at the Bento Water Horse Fair

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