Romantic Opulence

Romantic Opulence
I love the lavish creaminess of Baroque and the sumptuous color palette that is full of tender pastels and enhanced by billowy fabrics. Baroque paintings remind me of sweet frosting atop the most decadent of cupcakes…. Soft women in feathers, elaborate jewels, regal designs and luscious rich fabrics. Romantic Opulence. Baroque architecture chocked full of golds, marbles, high ornate ceilings and filigree embellishments add to the romantic ambiance. Blacklace’s new lingerie set, Kindle, sparked this feeling. The lacy beige and the vintage feel became my inspiration. And… then out came the giraffe.

LINGERIE: Kindle {beige lace set 5} by Blacklace
HEELS: Savoy Sandal by ieQED
HAIR: Tres Jolie Baroque Hair {powder} by Boudoir
NECKLACE: Alexa White {pearls} by Maxi Gossamer
NECKLACE: Vintage Jewellery Set by League
NECKLACE: Seven Seas Necklace {brass/white} by 22769
NECKLACE: Sheridan Necklace by Losthaven
NECKLACE: Satin Bow & Pearls {almond} by Yummy
RING: Royal Khadijah Estate by Maxi Gossamer
BRACELET: Damasc by Maxi Gossamer
BRACELET: Heart Locket {gold filigree} by Yummy
CHAIR: Alexand Porter Chair Leather {Chestnut} by The Loft ~ Available at Collarbor88
POSE: The Hot Seat by Deeposed

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