Romantic Field Dance

The romantic soprano voice that belts out the lyrics to “Gloomy Sunday” that emit from this gramophone are nothing short of beautiful. I imagined the song to be a love song as I can sense the artist’s yearning and was surprised to learn the song is about a suicide which was a fulfilled promise to meet the author’s love in the afterlife. The gramophone is beautifully rendered and I love the way the metal glimmers as the record spins and the arm turns. The whole set is a work of art from Senzafine.

RUG: Senzafine – Gloomy Sunday Area Rug

GRAMOPHONE: Senzafine – Gloomy Sunday Gramaphone

GRAMOPHONE STAND: Senzafine – Gloomy Sunday Gramaphone Stand

RECORDS: what next – Pile of Vinyl Mesh

DRESS: Kouse’s Sanctum – Natasha – Gown (Snow)

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