According to the history logs, San Mora was once the center of prosperity with a thriving pharmaceutical center. The city was quarantined when a deadly contagion was released into the air; the event’s intention is rather unclear and there are many theories ……

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Visit the amazing San Mora sim by Death Row Designs at Fantasy Faire …. before it disappears!

SHAWL & SKIRT: Nyota {Rares} by LAB737
HARNESS, ARMS & BOOTS: Scythia {Rare/Common/Rare} by LAB737
ARM: Beserker Female Lower Vambrace by LAB737
HAIR:Anya by pr!tty
SKIN: Evike Dark Mist by NuNu’s Skin
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA
LOCATION: San Mora Sponsered by Death Row Designs {Fantasy Faire}


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