MainframeMy friends and I are having a lot of fun at Futurewave and I hope you have gotten a chance to teleport over there and check it out. In fact, Paper Moon has some swank holographic glasses that can help spot the futuristic designs in hi def…. or actually … they will just make you look pretty bad ass….

"Call for Backup" by Chandra Mehan

“Call for Backup” by Chandra Meehan

Chandra and I headed to Hangars Liquides, a futuristic technopunk sim, decked head to toe in some of the coolest new designs in search of a taxi… or so I thought. At some point we landed in a “hole” (we are still not quite sure where we ended up, hell I may still be there….) and Chandra broke out the Matrix particles and these two bad girls worked the looks! I love how the skirt from deviousMind (available at Fantasy Gacha) was incorporated into her deviously sexy cyborg gear. Hangars is a beautiful futuristic urban sim, if you have not been there it is worth checking out…. bring some friends; you will want to take a lot of pictures! The picture above was taken by Chandra (if you click it, you will head to her flickr account and see the other images she took – her photostream is awesome… can thank me later lol)

Check out the Cyborg Cables! The cables actually come with tattoos for your skin but since I am wearing them over clothing I am not using them. They spark and even have cool sound effects.

Duchess and Chandra Reloaded
Go on…. the future awaits!!


VISOR: HoloVisor {tech Orange} by Paper Moon ~ Available at Futurewave
OUTFIT: Alcor by Ponka ~ Available at Futurewave
BRACELET/RING: Ceti by Chaos, Panic and Disorder ~ Available at Futurewave
NAILS: Binary by Beautiful Freak~ Available at Futurewave
EARPIECES: Rigellia Diamond Earpiece by Chaos, Panic and Disorder ~ Available at Futurewave
LIPCOLOR: Heavy Metal Lipstick {gold} by Beautiful Freak ~ Available at Futurewave
CABLES: Cyborg Cables by Death Row Designs ~ Available at Futurewave
TATTOO: Clear Latex Tattoo from Velocity by Graves ~ Available at Futurewave
RAYGUN: Ray Gun {Cyan} by Gallactic ~ Available at Futurewave
CIGARETTE: Cigarette Holder (with color hud) by Quellazaire ~ Available at Futurewave
BRACERS & SHOULDERS: Faranth by aisling ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
HAIR: Faye {variety} by Truth Hair
EARS: Elongated Puki Ears by the Skinnery ~ Available at We <3 Roleplay
POSES: All poses by Del May

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