Ragnhild of Nymphai
Hold onto your horns! The Plastik has just put out 7 new designs that are only available at the Nymphai location. Belle, Sorchiee and I went a bit nuts in the store and well….. we have plenty to share for the next week or so. 😛 We all fell head over heels in love with the cut of Ragnhild. The swooping sides, the sexy as all get out back and the print textures (the way only Vae can do!) are just one stunning package! The gowns are hot and judging by those prancing around the vendor, it is a fan favorite. <3


GOWN: Ragnhild Dress {sunspot} by The Plastik
EYE MAKEUP: Sorbet 1 by The Wicked Peach ~ Available at upcoming Candy Fair 2015
COLLAR: Milya’appa Brown Leather Collar {Rare} by A Master’s Eye
CROWN: Nobilis Crown {green} by LODE
FLOWER: Magnolia II Double {peach} by LODE
HAIR: MMK375 {brown} by boon
POSE: Centerfold 36 by DeePosed

GOWN: Ragnhild Dress by The Plastik
CROWN: Magone Crown by LODE in Violet
HAIR: Shout by Exile ~ Available at the Arcade {June 1 to June 30}
MAKEUP: Graphic Dual Liner by PICHI Available now on NYMPHAI
JEWELRY: Delicate Droplets by {Secret Love} Available now on NYMPHAI
TATTOO: Music Box by White Widow Available at The Event@1st {July 1st to 25th}
SCARF: Umut Scarf by [Meshed up] ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {June 22 to July 15}
POSE: Marilyn by PosESion

GOWN: Ragnhild Dress {woodsy} by The Plastik
HAIR: Peri by Doe ~ Available at IDK {June 16 to July 10}
SANDALS: Shairin Sandals by Pure Poison
HEAD ACCESSORY: Musha {green} by LODE
BRACELET: Elyan Bracelet by aisling
POSE: Throne by PosESion ~ Available at The Instruments


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