Purr-senting the Duchess and Baron of IpposToday is all about Cats. Big cats, little cats, fat cats and small cats….. anything that purrs or resembles our furry friends. Our Duchess and Baron kitties by aisling (um, really guys…. totally flattered and all… but am so overlooking the fat part! *smirk*) are the new rares at the Arcade Gacha. The kitties are purrrfect…. right down to their David Bowie eyes and tubby bellies!! And since today is also the opening of OneWord, a themed event all about … you guessed it… cats, well today couldn’t get any more feline! So if you have a fetish for pussy, today is so your day!


DRESS: Meow-zers Dress by Wimey ~ Available at OneWord
CIRCLET: Alaric Circlet by The Plastik
HAIR/HAT: Katy {Dark} by pr!tty ~ Available at OneWord
COLLAR: Sir Fluffybutt by Buttery Toast ~ Available at OneWord
EYESHADOW: Bast 2 by The Wicked Peach ~ Available at OneWord
NAILS: Grumpy Tea Cat Slink Fingernails by Bella Elephante ~ Available at OneWord
TAIL: Neko Tail {Black} by Sweet Thing ~ Available at OneWord
CAT: Nino the Fat Cat {Duchess/Rare} by aisling ~ Available at Arcade Gacha
POSE: Stretch Series (plus cat hold animation} by an-lar ~ Available at OneWord


TUX: Modern Black Open ~ Claret ~ by Lapointe & Bastchild
HAT: Maman Brigitte Hat by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Fantasy Collective
HAIR: Adam {raven} by Exile
MONOCLE: Monocle {plain glass} by Yasum
CAT: Nino the Fat Cat {Baron/Rare} by aisling ~ Available at Arcade Gacha
POSE: by Me

CATS: Caturday Kitty Mood ~ Curious Mookie, Pouty Smoke and Attentive Tiger ~ by Lost Junction ~ Available at OneWord

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