Peace is harmony, serenity, and a sunset of colliding unity

It fills hearts with a serene light of reconciliation in a warming sea

I found the above quote on Cyberschoolbus. The site is run by the United Nations and the submissions are from students all over the world. This particular quote, written by a high school student in the United States, spoke to me. I do believe it is my favorite definition of the word “peace.” The student embodied the feeling of peace and combined it with societal actions, reminiscent of the decadent 60’s. Since I am a total tree hugger… and pretty hip if I can say so myself…. Lavandachic’s outfit that is available at Fashion Story brought peace to my pixels. And Mina’s hair is OMG gorgeous. The blond hues are stunning. *swoon* My image is a tribute to the young student who appears to be wise beyond his/her years. Our future is in good hands. Peace!

DRESS: 60’s Dress {yellow} by Lavandachic ~ Available at Fashion Story {Oct 19 – 29th}
BOOTS: 60’s Boots {yellow} by Lavandachic ~ Available at Fashion Story {Oct 19 – 29th}
HAIR: Lena by Mina ~ Available at KUSTOM9 {Oct 15 – Nov 10}
POSE: by Me {NFS}