OrinthuaI awoke to this beautiful image by Kynne Llewellyn that she took of me yesterday. I think it is positively gorgeous!! I really struggled yesterday during our photoshoot and nothing seemed to look right…. just one of those days I guess….. so seeing this striking image made it all worth while! I have the most talented friends in the world 🙂

Kynne says:  Close up of my beautiful friend Duchess, wearing the new fantasy skin by P The Plastic, available at We Her crown is by EZ/The Forge – Drulla Headpiece – Silver. (ultrarare) at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Hair : Marie by Entwined ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {Sept 4 to Sept 30}
SKIN: Larradite {Orinthua} by The Plastik ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {Sept 4 to Sept 30}
CROWN: Drulla Headpiece {Silver/Ultra Rare} by The Forge ~ Available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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