Ocean’s Daughter

Ocean’s Daughter

Check out this amazing mermaid outfit created by Belle Epoque for the upcoming round of the Arcade! The tail comes

Check out this amazing mermaid outfit created by Belle Epoque for the upcoming round of the Arcade! The tail comes with a color hud with 5 different colors to choose; pink, yellow, mint, blue, and rose. The set includes a skirt, which I am “wearing” in the image, that was created for bipedal mermaids. I thought it looked great on the tail so I rezzed it in world and applied it for the image (you cannot wear it along with the tail.) So yay! Something amazing to look forward to on June 1~

While whispers shush on sheltered shores, as soon the cockcrow quakes,
the seas descry a skittish sky, sense summer zephyrs wake –
roused passions neath the sunrise pulse, the whitecaps throb and ache.

Along the crests crawl shallow shades the soaring sun effaces,
and rain in streams belies the dreams that fantasy embraces –
the ocean sprays of yesterdays conceal forsaken faces.

The midday sun has slowed its run, a shrinking puddle steams,
between the knells for shattered shells drift wounded seagulls’ screams –
affection blends but sometimes ends, or so it sadly seems.

At dusk a ruddy disk descends, the skyline’s furnace burns
and neath the swells where Neptune dwells, an undercurrent churns –
a seahorse hides and seaweed bides until the tempest turns.

While twilight hosts the winds with ghosts of barbed electric spangles,
a mermaid braves the crashing waves adorned with starfish bangles –
the spirit yearns in twists and turns entwined in rockweed tangles.

As seven stranded seamen scan the dimple-dappled moon,
eleven sultry sirens serenade a lonely loon –
the breakers pound and sometimes sound a melancholy tune.

Soon gales ignite the briny night and rip the skies askew
with zigzag teeth flashed deep beneath a blazing bolt tattoo –
storms, spent, subside with ebbing tides, then all begins anew.
Terry O’Leary

OUTFIT: Ocean’s Daughter {Bracelets, Crown and Top in Mint and Mirror, Trident and Tail/Rare} by Belle Epoque ~ Available at Upcoming Arcade {Skirt is placed on, not worn}
HAIR: Life in Plastic by Exile
HEAD: Poppy by LAQ
SKIN: Poppy by LAQ
EYES: Validity Eyes by LOTUS ~ Available at upcoming LookBook
TATTOO: Naiad by Tidal
EARS: Mermaid Ears by Musa

Jellyfish Gacha by HEXtraordianry ~ Available at Gachaland {May 1 to May 30}

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