This post is full of role-playing dream-wear! Firstly this outfit by LAB737 is nothing short of brilliant! The different components that make up the outfit combine in such a unique fashion it makes the outfit visually interesting and definitely cool. Way cool. I love that the style could be worn for a number of genres and you’d still be the coolest on the playing field! Secondly, this tattoo by RunAway is beyond exceptional. The shading and design are sort of artful tribal meets the future. The dark coal around the eyes harden the overall look and is quite fierce. The headdress by Empyrean Forge is gorgeous, as usual. If you need bones to adorn your head, these are the set! We Love Roleplay opens today and as luck would have it, fantasy abounds!

OUTFIT: Nyota {brown}: Arms, Chest Drape, Harness, Legs Shawl (rare,) Shrug and Skirt {Rare} by LAB737 ~ Available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival {August 8 to Sept 12}
HAIR: Lab 021 by boon ~ NEW ~
HEAD: Dayna by CATWA
HEADDRESS: Kali Ma Headdress by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {August 5 to August 30}
TATTOO: Enchantress by RunAway ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {August 5 to August 30}
STAFF: Voodoo Mojo Staff by Tia
SCENE: Set by Pucca Firecaster ~ PFC ~


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