Never Play the Deuce

Never Play the Deuce
Today is my Rezz Day and I couldn’t be having a better time! First off I get to give you a sneak peek at some of the items from the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival that will open on the First of October. I am loving the Intense Eyes from la Petite Morte! The whole set delivers exactly what is promised…. intense eye colors that give that awesome stare-right-through-you look. I am wearing the Rare 5 set which is mottled with gold tones and shaded with white, however the Arctic eyes are the closest match to my real life eyes I’ve seen in Second Life…. piercing blue! In two words …. awesome sauce! You’ll want to hit this machine more than you can handle! The hairnet by GSpot is another score that you will find at this next Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The hairnets are so delicately treated and lay perfectly a top head. I think they are absolutely stunning. The third item I am sharing with you is the Celestial Necklace from Tea.S. The necklace comes with a color change HUD and can also be sized. The design can be worn with about any attire out there and the gacha machine is loaded with matching rings and earrings to boot! The bar has been raised this round…. and so far I can tell you… everything I have seen is outstanding! Oh heavenly Gacha…. I am forever addicted!  My second piece of awesome news is that I was asked to blog for my favorite tattoo and face design shop, White~Widow!! I am a smitten kitten!!! *Giant Grins*



  • OUTFIT: Rag Dollz ~ Masquerade de steampunk
  • HAIR: Dura ~ Boys & Girls 09 {Black}
  • POSE & PROP: Rag Dollz ~ Comes with masquerade de steampunk outfit
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