Wunder and I checked out Maxx Sabretooth last night at the Gaslight to get our Motown fix for the week.  Originally a trumpet player, this talented Oklahoma musician now seduces his fans with his smooth groovin’ vocals and one stylin’ avatar. Maxx has the amazing ability to engage his crowd and the audience participation adds a great element of fun. “You Can Leave Your Hat On” prompts fans to search their inventory for the fun accessory! Finally a reason to wear hats again!


Maxx is billed as an artist that “brings to life in wonderful showmanship, the music that thrilled generations of romantic music lovers everywhere.”  His extensive song lists includes covers by Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Billy Paul, Joe Cocker, Prince and even Jimmy Buffett.  His dynamic set lists includes songs we all love in the R&B, Blues, Lite Rock, Jazz and Motown genres.


Wundur and I swoon to Maxx’s version of “You Are So Beautiful.”  How can any girl not feel hopelessly entranced while dancing on SL……




I absolutley adore the creative efforts of Designer Cobalto Maximus of ♛ Blow-Up Mainstore ♛  I own practically every skirt in his store! His eye for detail and the embelishments had me at Hello!

Towards the end of the hour long set I did a little Crowd Surfing. Resident Brea Wemyss caught my eye in this sassy little cowgirl ensemble.  The fringe on the chaps looked awesome as her date swung her around the dance floor, however, sad to say, the store did not include a landmark in the folder so the designer is unknown.  I love mixing rough and sexy, and for me, this outfit did just that!


Check out Maxx Sabretooth for a fun evening with friends or a romantic date. Maxx’s show dates are conveniently listed on his calendar as well.

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