I have plans for this gown in an upcoming photo shoot with friends but I could not stand it any longer and had to share it with everyone… so you will be seeing it again *wicked grins.* As I strolled along the grounds of Progeny with a large group of blood fiends, the windlight caught the gown’s highlights and sparkled in the moonlight; it was as breathtaking as the gown and I had to take a few screen shots.
Cydaea's Moon
The gown is the latest creation (well … sort of … more like the latest release of a well executed extended project ) from DeviousMind. Head to toe the gown and accompaniments are covered in spooktacular arachnids elevating those cringe educing creepy crawlies to high fashion. And as with all DeviousMind creations, every inch of the outfit is artfully detailed with high quality elements that enhance the overall piece. It truly is amazing. Oh… and it is deviously sexy! The only thing I wish is that this gown were available to wear in real life!

Till we meet again!!!


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