This cute little nook style property  by Scarlet Creative will compliment a hideway in the forest with crumbly plaster and enough space to drink your coffee in peace. The design is reminiscent of a fairytale and the small structure’s ambiance is that of romance. Such a perfect little home and it can be yours tomorrow!! The whole house is 39 LI and will fit 512 Plots and above. It looks stunning surrounded by lush trees. Just perfection.

Duchess is feeling: playful

Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook ~ Available at upcoming Collabor88 {May 8 to June 6}
Mud Honey ~ Andrea Bench {Coral Dark}
[we’re CLOSED] tyre swing
[Tia] Enchanted Little Table & Toadstools
Pewpew! Eating Brown Squirrel and Ground Brown Squirrel
Little Branch_OrangeTree{Young} ~ Available at upcoming Enchantment {May 14 to May 31}
Little Branch_GiantMaple.v1{AllSeasons}~ Available at upcoming Enchantment {May 14 to May 31}
Fawny – Happy Puppies.Playful Puppy – Black

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