Lady Castlevania

Lady Castlevania

I was thinking of dark and mysteriously magical dark places today and remembered the cool swamp at AdEternum. The twisted trees, spiraling water, abandoned houses and cool terrain was the perfect setting for the Crow Witch ensemble that will be available on October First when the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens it’s doors to all things fantastical and dreamy! With the feeds recently flooded with sneak peeks of the exclusive items, there is sure to be a stampede to the gates!
Crow Witch

I am loving these intense eyes from .la petite morte. Today I tossed on a pair with some splashes of green and was equally delighted! I was excited to get this skin from the Designers United 5, I picked up both the black and the red….. I’ve yet to figure out what lighting the designer used for those awesome pictures! I must be doing something wrong since my skins don’t have the delicate details as the vender poster (Pointers are appreciated and I wont be offended)…. I am still playing with my WL settings and will figure it out eventually. More than likely it is my graphics card….. I cannot wait until Gopu is done building my new computer! Yay!
The poses in the above pictures are the creations of Irina from Poet’s Heart! You may know Irina from her fabulous photos on Flickr and/or her blog, Dark Chest of Wonders. Irina and I met at Fantasy Faire and plan to collaborate at some point … when both our worlds slow down and become a bit glitch free…. which will be fun! Irina blogs high fashion with a fantasy twist and her blog is one of my favs! Her poses are so fluid and beautiful. The pose in the top image captivated me …. it is so sultry and soft!!! Be sure to click the link to her blog and check her out.

Also a quick thanks to Emilie Carami of Caramel Diffusion for the shout out on her blog, It’s the Bloody Cupcake. Tomorrow I will be meeting Emilie at  Roller Derby practice…. hopefully I’ll find something in my Fantasy Gacha bag of tricks that will help my pixels come out in tact! Oye Vey!!!



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