magic is in the airAnd as if by magic, with the stroke of hand, we have been transported into a new year. 2014. I sprinkled all my friend’s wishes and dreams with magic dust and released them to the universe. If this was done correctly, which ever friend who wished to win the lottery, please keep me in mind. Seriously though, I consider myself lucky to have such amazing friends and a wonderful boyfriend who appeases my whims by posing pixel style, loves me unconditionally, cooks like a champ, and supports my dreams. I don’t take friendships for granted and I thank the universe daily for bringing each of you into my life. Let’s kick off 2014 with a bang…. and soar into the New Year with a heart filled with magic that sees the positive things and strives to make the world a better place. My wish for 2014 is for equality; equality for everyone who steps foot on this spinning planet. My resolution is to…see the positive in all aspects of my life, no matter how hard the situation. Gopu, Ash, Emy, Chandra, Awesome, Ankha, Archangel, Cyre, Synjari, Hammerfall, Leroy, MJ, Acel, London, Kitty, Maxi, Searlait, Tazz, Dream, Owl, Bella, Mer, Irina, Tigist, Kiddo, Chic, Alles, Breezy and Sassy….. thank you for making 2013 spectacular, I just love you guys!!! Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers, artists, designers and creators for inspiring me every day, to all those who read my blog or happen upon it randomly, and to my flickr friends who share their love and take the time to brighten other peoples’ day! May 2014 bring you much joy and love!!!


  • GOWN: Mabinogion ~ Sorceress Dress {Midnight} ~ NEW
  • HAT: Remarkable Oblivion ~ Magician Hat {Necromancer} ~ GACHA
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Patience Heart Watch Pendant {50L Hunt Item}
  • EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Pearl – {Clear Pond} – Group Gift ~ NEW ~ FREE
  • BOOKS: Noctis ~ Book Stack Candle {Tall}
  • RINGS: Eclectica ~ Catherine Ring Set {black} ~ NEW ~ Available at Gothmas by Gaslight
  • BOOKS: Lark ~ Imaginarium Treasures ~ NEW ~ GACHA
  • CAULDRON: Consignment ~ The Spell-o d’Cauldron
  • POSE: Ma Vie ~ Phenomena 02
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