Mad Pontoon Racer

Mad Pontoon Racer

Marsha is another interactive hair from MINA. The hair turns wet on contact with default SL water, it drips and

Marsha is another interactive hair from MINA. The hair turns wet on contact with default SL water, it drips and dries in the sun after 25 seconds again or you can instant dry yourself with the included HUD. You can also override the action and make your hair wet or dry without changing. I am just loving these interactive hairs! They are like the next best thing to all these awesome style huds! This pack also comes with an extra hair size for those with larger foreheads. Mina thinks of everything!

Grab Blueberry’s Noelia set to pair with your interactive hair. I love all the different sayings on the tee-shirts and the many patterns to choose from on the shorts. Every piece of clothing has 3 different wet effects. I am wearing the XXX version as I wanted my swimsuit to show through. Addam’s Caroline fit perfectly.

The Final Glorious Prize from the MadPea Fishing Tournament was unlocked. If you were not able to participate, don’t fret, the MadPea Houseboat is now available in the MainStore!
Enjoy the peace and tranquility of living on the water in perfect comfort with the MadPea Houseboat! The simple nautical beauty of this floating home will sooth your spirits as the gentle waves that lap against its hull wash away your cares! Front and rear doors can be opened on click or just by walking into them. You can set up patio furniture or a hot tub on the roof and enjoy the view around you, and there is plenty of room for a cozy living space inside.

Just check out this video to see the gorgeous MadPea Houseboat for yourself!

Set up your living quarters on the water with MadPea’s Houseboat and then rez your pontoon and have a seat! Click on your boat to adjust your position, if you need to. Your up and down arrow keys (or W and S keys) will raise and lower your speed. Right and left arrow keys (or A and D) will turn you to the right and left. PgUp and PgDn (or E and C) will cycle through camera angles. Owners can click on the boat before sitting on it to bring up an access menu, allowing to choose between Owner, Group, or Public. Public access will allow your boat to be driven by anyone that wants to. Be warned, they don’t work in Mouseview LOL!

TOP: Noelia Knotted Top by Blueberry ~ at the MainStore
SHORTS: Noelia Shorts by Blueberry ~ at the MainStore
SUIT: Caroline Knot Rope Bikini by Addams ~ Available in MainStore
SKIN: Inka Genus Applier {honey} by the Skinnery ~ Available at Collabor 88 {Sept 8 to Oct 6}
HEAD: Baby Face Head by Genus Project
HAIR: Marsha by MINA ~ Available at Anthem
MATERIAL LAYER: Wet Materials Shine {legacy} by This Is Wrong
SHOES: Purrr Sneakers by Pure Poison

MadPea Pontoon Racer Set {Buoys, Flags, Pontoons/BananaSplit/Rare, Finish Line} ~ Available at Man Cave {Sept 17 to Oct 17}
MadPea Houseboat ~ Available in the MadPea Store
Collie by JIAN

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