Lil-Red2My story of Lil’ Red is a bit different from the little quizzical girl who is victimized by the big bad wolf. My Red is fearless and empowered. The wolf is her vehicle and together they are an unflinching force of might. I mean really…. what girl is not totally infatuated with the bad boy!
My bad boy, Gopu, is wearing a fantastic avatar by DreamCrawler which is available on Marketplace. We do not usually purchase items sight unseen on Marketplace, but were moved by the reviews of the product. And, true to their words, this is one beautifully made mesh avatar. The brilliantly satin cape, necklace and shoes are available at Enchantment which opens on Feb. 1. The pose is one of my favorites by Del May.


HOOD: Red Riding Hood by Stitched ~ Available at Enchantment {Opens Feb 1}
SHOES: Ribbon Ballerina w/ Sock HUD by Enfant Terrible ~ Available at Enchantment {Opens Feb 1}
NECKLACE: Enchanting Red’s Medallion by Bokeh ~ Available at Enchantment {Opens Feb 1}
HAIR: No. 14’13 {Scandinavia Blond} by Red Mint

AVATAR: Next-Gen Werewolf {Siberian} by DreamCrawler
BASKET: Rattenbag Littlered by anc Ltd. ~ Available at Enchanment {Opens Feb 1}

POSE: The Journey by Del May



“How Could Red Riding Hood (Have Been So Very Good)?” by A.P. Randolph in 1925 was the first song known to be banned from radio because of its sexual suggestiveness.

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