Lil' Miss Snow

Lil' Miss Snow
This enchanting ensemble is a limited edition release from DeviousMinds for Enchantment, which opens tomorrow at noon!  Prince Charming did not know what hit him as I strutted in from the forest drenched in this latex adventure with the most teasing of garters! On further thought, you’ll need to chain up the dwarfs to keep them in line.  Though they may be little…. they can be quite mischievous! (Caution: After further testing my theory on Gopu, it appears some dwarfs don’t mind being chained, please keep this in mind and conjure an adequate safe word.) Sometimes it is such a hassle being the most beautiful maiden in all the land, but if you are going to bear the title, bare it in this….. *wicked grins*

If you want to get into Enchantment 12 hours early…… join the Enchantment Update Group for early access!



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