Liberty Seeking Justice

Lady Liberty soars though the air seeking Justice in a world gone dark, but not silent. High above the city she witnesses promise as those gather on the streets to join her in her search. There is strength in numbers, and soon liberty and justice will prevail over the fringe fanatics that strive to keep the inhabitants suppressed. Patience grasshopper….. patience.

I squealed with excitement when I was added to the official blogger list of Luminary (formerly, The Library) last night. The pairing couldn’t be more perfect (at least I think so…. ) Augurer’s designs are cerebral as well as beautiful and each time I read a story that she includes on notecards with her creations, I am teleported right to the place where her inspiration is drawn. So super excited. Yay!

Gothmsas by Gaslight – Dec 15 – Jan 5th
OMG! Oh My Gacha! – Jan 1 – 31st
25 by 25 Hunt – Jan 5 – 30th
Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Feb 1 -28th

If you are a blogger and would like early access to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival,  send a Note Card titled *Early Entry FGC* to Niccii Nitely in world.


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