The Lagoon
So this last weekend a group of us bloggers hit Genre and We Love Roleplay and then met at blogger Chic Aeon’s lagoon for a mermaid party of sorts! Despite some of the technical issues that some experienced, a few crashes and a posing chaos we had a lot of fun. Most of us are wearing the latest mermaid outfit from deviousMind that I blogged here. So without further ado, meet your bloggers……

EmyThis beautiful mermaid is Emylia Bernstein blogger of pause.  Emy is amazing!!! <3 you girl!

MannaThe bold… the beautiful…. the blogger…. Manna Montana Volcatius of Sticks & Stones. <3 ya bb!

TigiThe ever beautiful and hair obsessed… Tigist Sapphire blogger of Ticklemetummy

NimraeMy favorite SL model and talented blogger, Nimraë Arendíl of Dark Chest of Wonders.

ChicLovely Chic Aeon the talented photographer and blogger of Chic at Phil’s Place

BreezyThe knockout Breezy Carver… sexy as ever and blogger of Virtually Classic Fashions

Duchess 2And then there is me and my darling Gopu… he is back there in green putting up with my shenanigans!!! <3 you Gopu!

Undine by deviousMind ~ Available at Genre
BRA & BELT: Harpyia by deviousMind (Gacha)
EYESHADOW: Sirene Eye Makeup by Senzafine ~ Available at Genre
TRIDENT: Ocean Trident {Crustacio} by Losthaven ~ Available at Genre
NECKLACE: Octopus Necklace {Black} by Eclectica ~ Available at Genre
CROWN: Swamp Crown by Remarkable Oblivion (Gacha)
HAIR: Nanda by MINA ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
CIRCLET: Crown of the Tuatha-De {Silver} by Junbug
POSES in the above images by elephante poses, ibang (at We Love Roleplay) and hopscotch.

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