La Fortuna

I travel this endless journey
Not alone yet not with anyone either
A fate explored…
though not one that suits my wish

A vagabond among the rich…
I am the one who frightens their dreams
A tattered soul with no path or direction
It is I that humanizes their fear

In a society well to do on their own
It is the ragged heir to the throne of thorns
That stalls tall and greedily…
  among the fools of luck

Just had to show off this beautiful skin from Lumae that is at Enchantment, it is absolutely perfect. Although I am wearing the freckled version, it also comes without freckles. The skin sits a top the newest version of Gwen, a mesh head by Catwa with over 50 facial expressions. I am not sure what the name of the expression is that I am wearing, however I chose sad eyebrows and a small circle mouth. I love the ability to move my eyebrows! I am wearing Soul’s newest ears decorated with Empyrean Forge’s earrings.  Wait until you see these wagons by deviousMind, they are spectacular!

Duchess is feeling: Luxurious

HAIR: Domino Hair {basics} by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Collabor88 {Feb 8 to March 6}
HEAD JEWELS: Line Piercing by ARISE
EARRINGS: Yang Earrings {gold} by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at Enchantment {Feb 13 to Feb 29}
NECKLACE: Yang Pendant {gold} by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at Enchantment {Feb 13 to Feb 29}
EARS: Uni Ears {cherub} by Soul ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {Feb 4 to Feb 31}
SKIN: Amalthea {milk} by Lumae ~ Available at Enchantment {Feb 13 to Feb 29}
HEAD: Gwen {with UpGrade Emotions} by Catwa
POSE: Stand 460 Mirror by !bang
BACKGROUND: Midnight Carnival Fortuna Gypsy Cart by deviousMind ~ Available at Enchantment {Feb 13 to Feb 29}


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