In Memory of Iron EysWhile visiting the art instillation by Maxi Lane, Trash, I immediately thought of the Keep America Beautiful commercial with Iron Eyes Cody staring out over the landscape of trash with a solitude tear with a famous champion Appaloosa. There were 3 or more of these Public Service Announcements made in the 70’s that aired well into the late 80’s. Since Arwen just released the adorable Native American outfit, I bolted my Indian accessories onto Rockstar and took on the trash. The instillation is pretty cool and I suggest checking it out. There is a nice display of photographs at the entry taken by individuals participating in the photo contest. The sim is Rezz Friendly! (Click the image to enlarge…. the eyes look better that way 😛  )

OUTFIT: Nakooma {Moss & Earth} by Arwen’s Creations
HAIR: Zoey Mesh Hair {Seafoam} by Wasabi Pills
HEADDRESS: Nitestar by Sweet Pea Gotcha ~ Gacha ~
EARS: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala
EYES; I’m Not Feeling Well by Izzie’s
NECKLACE: Boho Bliss Tassel-Tastic {long} by Maxi Gossamer
HORSE: Standard Appaloosa with Native American Snap On Kit by AKK Horse Ranch
LOCATION: MIC – Imagin@rium – TRASH by Mexi Lane {Rezz Friendly}

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